Birds of the Huon

Here are images of various native birds I have photographed about the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania.


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  1. Hi Kip
    I stumbled across your site by accident. Very strange because I was going to ring you before Christmas and wish you all the best, after many months if not years of lost contacts. Unfortunately a few things happened and every intentions went out of the window. But I am here now and hoping you had a Merry Christmas with your family, I can only wish you a Happy New Year.
    By the way, nice photos, actually, great photos.
    See you next year.

  2. Hello Kip – found your YouTube channel the other day when trying to find a way of differentiating between female flame robins and dusky robins! Great photos and vids – you seem to have a similar passion for the local wildlife as I do. We’re in Crabtree and I have a (rubbish compared to yours) website at (I’ll set up a link to yours). You can also find vids/ photos at YouTube: taswildlife; fb:; insta: taswildlife and a somewhat neglected Twitter channel at taswildlife. Think our local birds and wildlife are under-studied and there should be more done with UTAS etc to study/ tag birds especially migratory ones. Keep up the good work!

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